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Here, in the embrace of the emerald valley, hides that cottage. Wrapped in silence, and in a pashmina of mist. Here, amid the trees drooping with heady lychees, cares are forgotten. A bird sings, and the brook makes music. Here, under the towering pines, is the peace I've always pined. That fleeting moment, that eternal memory, that everlasting smile. All that is here. And so am I.

Darang Tea Estate is a family-owned estate, dating back over 150 years and one of the first plantations to be planted by an Indian. Its rustic charm lovingly preserved over the years, Darang Tea Estate introduces you to soul-nourishing tranquillity and unparalleled natural splendour in a relatively unexplored part of Himachal Pradesh. Nestled among the 70-acre estate are four cosy cottages, each one with a direct view of the snow-capped Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. Serenaded by the gurgling waters of a khud (mountain stream) and enveloped by acres of tea garden, guests get to experience the comforts of a home stay and the solitude of an exclusive resort at a single place.

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